Erotic game for a couple. Online mode, stories and chat.

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Sex forfeits
If you have your parterre near you, you can play on one device. Customize the game to your liking, a wide variety of categories are available to you. 3 levels of candor. Take turns with your loved one to complete tasks. You can refuse to execute, then you will be shown a punishment.
Online game
You can pick up a player from any part of the world. You have to perform vulgar tasks and answer frank questions. Add the player to your favorites so as not to lose him.
Erotic cubes
21 combinations of categories! You can customize both cubes to your liking. Roll erotic dice and perform the specified action.
It was not
Sit back and enjoy exciting questions.
Perfect for a party. Contains fun forfeits.
Specially designed role-playing games.
Read and rate hundreds of stories.
Stories can be filtered into 20 categories for all tastes.
It is possible to add your own story!
In the chat you can chat on any topic, if you want private messages, then start the online game.
The support team will help you within 24 hours.
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